Lynx A.I.TCH (UK)

feat. Aitch


How do you know when your brand ambassador has genuinely hit the big time? When he sends his Artificial Intelligence body double to front the campaign for him! This summer, Lynx launched an innovative new Limited Edition product created by Artificial Intelligence. By processing 46 TB of data, 6,000 potential ingredients and 3.5 million possible combinations, the brand cracked the code to smelling iconic.

The disruptive Lynx A.I. product deserved a disruptive approach, and as a result of that ambition, A.I.TCH was born. In partnership with Ladbible, Aitch explored all things tech and culture in a fun interview skit to launch the campaign. We further amplified the campaign with an on-pack Q.R. code promotion which gave fans a chance to win access to an exclusive event when they unlocked the A.I.tch AR hologram. According to Aitch’s cheeky digital alter-ego,’ there’s a party in the database baby, and we’re all invited.’ Going by the huge fan reaction to the campaign, it will be a hot ticket.


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