feat. Yung Filly

This season, Hummel HIVE pays homage to the sideliners -The 12th man eager to get into action. All the unsung heroes that dedicate all and everything from the sidelines. Passionate fans and supporters cheering from the stands –we salute you!

Partnering Hummel with Yung Filly, our vision was to tap into his natural charisma and relatability to celebrate the fan’s point of view. In a tribute to those who literally wear their passions on their sleeves, the latest Hummel collections seamlessly translates football aesthetics into authentic lifestyle and sportswear.

The launch has seen Hummel levelling up its UK culture credentials once more, providing a platform for yet another era for the iconic fashion brand. Crush helped to bring this to life by identifying and securing a culturally relevant talent to act as the focus talent for the campaign and produced a suite of stills and motion assets.

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