Say It Witcha Booty

feat. Snoop Dogg

We are excited to reveal Snoop Dogg as the creative force behind G-Star’s latest global campaign.

For our first campaign launch under a global collaboration with the fearless and iconic denim brand, we helped G-Star RAW to secure the perfect fit for their celebration of all things denim and what it can do for you.

Crush crafted a unique creative collaboration with Snoop Dogg, which saw us work closely with Snoop’s team and the Amsterdam-based denim brand to not only bring the cultural icon in as an ambassador, but also bring his unmistakable creative DNA to every aspect of the campaign.

Like all of Crush’s favourite work, we started with music by selecting the perfect pre-release track for the Hard Core Denim launch. The entire campaign story and creative were inspired by Snoop’s music, sense of humour, and innate cultural instincts.

The tongue-in-cheek ‘music video style’ film showcases the fits and looks of G-Star RAW’s latest collection along with a broader partnership that sees the hip hop headliner feature as the face of the global campaign in creative across TV, OOH, Digital and Retail. The collaboration includes a sync of the track ‘Say it Witcha Booty’ in all campaign assets as well as an activation on TikTok, which as a platform has become hugely relevant for the G-Star RAW brand.

Creativity and staying true to who you are is vital for Snoop, who released his 18th studio album this year, and it’s something we built into the entire partnership. Speaking about the collaboration, Snoop himself commented ‘We take a hard look at everything that comes my way. There’s a method to the madness. Every deal has to make sense on both sides. No secrets, we put it all out there. Real shit. It’s a pleasure to work with a global brand like G-Star.’

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