Culture and tech – we have questions…

Recently, we’ve seen a lot in the media about AI’s impending dominance and its broad spectrum of applications. Hey – we’ve even had a play with AI World Cup pundits and hamburger-themed superheroes ourselves (don’t ask). Still, the question we all seem to come back to is whether we’re about to enter an age of unrivalled cultural disruption or whether our obsession with convenience and novelty could be in danger of killing that thing we love.

As a team that specialises in aligning culture with business objectives for consumer brands, we are ever conscious of seeming like we’re commoditising cool. So, we constantly put the work in and strive to find that ‘thing’.

But through technology, could we see the greatest fears of the artists, creatives and skilled specialists we collaborate with coming to life?

If someone only has to type in [make me a cool outfit to wear today in my music video] in order to get not only a nice look but one that is optimised for them and the situation, where would a stylist for example, get to add their signature flair?

Famed visual artist and shoe customiser Mr Lee worked on a mini campaign for one of the brands we work with last year, creating a custom shoe design through hours of manual craftsmanship. I can’t help asking myself how long an AI and a 3D printer would have taken to do a similar job.

Through AI platforms like Chat GPT, things like the Jordan x PSG collab, PS5 x Travis Scott or even weirder things like KFC x crocs might have only been a search bar away. We’ve seen this coming to life recently, with several spoof brand tie-ups being dropped with full-blown key visuals and even faux trailers.

The age of influence already has us comfortable with the algorithm picking the channel for us and our tastes being led by follower counts but picture the superpower that might rise when AI use really starts to go mainstream and joins forces with the most influential faces and voices on earth.

Just imagine – Bella Poarch (along with a talented AI sidekick) as the new Creative Director of Louis Vuitton or Ninja launching a manned flight to the moon in a rocket he’s designed. Why? Because the algorithm made it so.

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So, here’s what we think when it comes to authentically activating culture through tech:

To get ahead, skip tech as a gimmick and go straight to tech as a tool.

Remember that your perspective is the variable, don’t overthink it, but also don’t be lazy.

Start with something pure, human and insightful, then go have some fun with it.

Don’t be so attached to how you used to do it that you miss out on the opportunity to break boundaries in your own way.


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