Brand builder spotlight – RAYE

Rachel Agatha Keen aka RAYE was born in Tooting, London, she was first discovered attending a “wild” house party when she was 14, Raye went on to pen an anecdotal song called ‘Hotbox’. Olly Alexander, the lead singer of the band Years and Years, would later hear the song, which landed Raye a record deal.

Fast forward to 2021, and RAYE called out her record label, Polydor, for delaying her debut album. Again. “I’ve done everything they asked me, I switched genres, I worked 7 days a week,” she wrote on Twitter. “Ask anyone in the music game, they know. I’m done being a polite pop star. I want to make my album now, please, that is all I want.”

Raye later went on a hiatus following the statements. On 19 July 2021, she announced via Instagram that she has parted ways with Polydor and is now working as an independent artist. Raye closed the year by going on the Euphoric Sad Show Tour.

RAYE: “I became a ‘rent-a-verse’. People knew my songs, but they didn’t know me”

“I felt for a long time in my career like I had someone’s hand over my mouth”

RAYE has no intention of dwelling on regrets.

“Hun, I am feeling the most peace,” she adds with a smile.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever felt before.”

Having built and nurtured a core fanbase RAYE was in a position to return as an independent artist, releasing her first new solo music in over a year with ‘Hard Out Here’.

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Check out the video for hard out here by raye:

The growing trend of artists and creators choosing to build businesses around the brands they have created marks a shift in the value dynamic between creators and their representatives.

Labels and rights holders are skilled and expert brand builders who can take an idea and run it over the line into global success but that doesn’t mean it’s the right path for every artist and creator.

Raye we salute you for knowing that the only way your train was going to leave the station was with you firmly in the driving seat. That self believe is a mark of a true brand-builder.

Raye’s official Instagram handle is @raye. The singer is very active on Instagram and frequently shares behind the scenes snaps of her in the studio, on tour and on photoshoots. Expect plenty realness, celebrity appearances, stylish outfits and music teasers.


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