A day at Enfield F.C with Dele Alli: Golden Wins

Our day starts down Donkey Lane, wedged between a Toby’s Carvery and the A10 sits advertising’s best-kept secret, the humble Enfield FC. A pitch that has housed the famous faces of Christian Eriksonn, Jack Whitehall and Harry Kane in campaigns with Nike, Adidas and today…The Lynx Gold campaign with Dele Alli.

Les, the groundskeeping legend keeps an eye over as we set the pitch and take down the boards of local advertising in place of Lynx Gold logos. Welcoming Luke from Hull, our 12-year old competition winner to the pitch, he is, as any kid about to meet their idol; Nervous, but ready to gain a lifelong experience of training with his football idol, Dele Alli.

We’ve been on a mission to find the next generation of Lynx fans. Heightened audience engagement is part of a wider initiative that Lynx has been championing, today, we chose to take this initiative to the pitch.

In this instance, we understood the value that experiential marketing has seen. With 44% of millennials willing to promote products through social media in exchange for rewards, we knew that our competition winner couldn’t wait to post about his unique experience on Instagram. It’s important for us to involve our audience; to create engaging and down-to-earth content. The result? Hilarious content, where our talent is at ease and humour is bound together by real moments.

We soon realised that the development of Luke’s relationship with the brand wasn’t a result of a big budget, but cultural capital and direct engagement. His posts on Instagram would not only make it the envy of all of his school friends whilst we gained insight into the uses of cultural capital for this emerging younger audience.

McLuhan’s theories of extension of man come true when the iPhone is a teenagers hand… Brand loyalty is cemented by the impact these brands have on their audiences, which brings to question… Maybe there’s a better answer than just big brand spend?

How these audiences use content, share it and use it to define themselves shows that social media platforms such as Instagram are far more than just an accessory.

Watch the full video here

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