When we opened our doors, we had one mission in mind:

To help brands bring their intent to life through the people, places, and things we all love.

Crush is a fearless independent agency. We specialise in creating work rooted in consumer passions. We combine the team’s experience within music, entertainment, sports and lifestyle with insight and most importantly keen human instincts for audience empathy.

The notion of remembering what it’s like to be a fan runs through everything we do. Our clients benefit from our background, having spent over 10 years building strategy, reaching audiences, creating inspirational content and orchestrating moments within industries which refer to their consumers as ‘Fans’.

We help ambitious consumer brands to do the same through:


Our team have successful backgrounds in managing and launching both breakthrough and global entertainment brands.

We work with you to devise effective frameworks for your brand ambassador and lifestyle partnership-led campaigns ensuring that plans are robust and aligned with overall brand goals well before a third party is even involved.


We have represented brand clients at the heart of their consumer brand marketing partnerships for years.
We help you to identify, engage and optimise partnerships with rights holders and ambassador talent, ensuring that your interests are credibly represented at all times and opportunities are maximised for all involved.


We are just as focussed on flawless campaign execution as we are on the ‘big’ idea.

We plan and deliver campaigns rooted in audience lifestyle bringing to life all the best aspects of your brand and proposition whilst credibly tapping into the unique cultural relevance of your partners.


Our experienced creative producers bring together backgrounds from diverse corners of culture, spanning music video, film, online, editorial and fashion photography.

We bring your brand story to life and inspire audiences with relevance and authenticity no matter the context or platform.

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