Crush help brands to create more relevance

through the people places & things

we all love.

Crush is a specialist creative agency. We tell brand stories through the culture of music, sport, entertainment and lifestyle.

We collaborate with brands to inspire their audiences through the people, places and things we all love.

Our mission is to get consumers to feel something do something

Our brands collaborate with us to develop passion-driven strategy, create impactful partnerships, and to deliver culturally connected work driven by them

“We believe that in an increasingly challenging climate, the brands who will remain relevant are those who are able to balance the need to win attention with meaning, and purpose. Rather than treat these ambitions as separate strands with their own resources and stories, we simply help to bring them together through culturally connected, integrated work”

Mike Dowuona

We deliver four things for brands.


Our process uses the perfect balance of instinct and evidence to help you to answer the who, how, what, where, when.


Our background and experience allows us to navigate the detail involved in getting a partnership closed on optimal terms and with minimal risk


Our team all come from a background in music, entertainment and rights management, helping us to manage campaigns effectively on your behalf


Our content team create with three groups in mind, your brand, partners and your audience. We produce channel optimised, balanced, audience-led content.

Ambitious Consumer Brands

// Our favourite kind

Some of the most ambitious brands in the world have called on crush expertise.

Crush customers are exclusively ambitious consumer brands and their agencies – We represent your interests in the same way talent would have a manager or an agent representing theirs.

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